fastcat-sl-coin-spainA GROUP of expats have potentially lost millions of euros of prized possessions after a British-owned storage warehouse shut down overnight.

Dozens of furious punters have set up an action group to track down their items and the company’s bosses after Coin-based Fastcat vanished earlier this year.

Up to 50 containers currently lie empty at the storage yard, which was taken over by firm MJ Levi SL a year ago.

They have received no communication for months since the company ceased trading.

The last known boss, Eddie Hardy, has apparently gone underground as has Fastcat’s previous owner Peter Gibson.

One victim, British expat Jean Newall, 63, has lost ‘thousands of pounds’ worth of goods.

“I had my life in there,” she said. “Important paperwork, old photos which meant the world to me, and sentimental items which are irreplaceable.

“I have lost my grandmother’s record player and a lot of my mother’s jewellery.”

Another British victim has vowed to find those at fault.

She said: “We are fighting to get our stuff back and hope for a miracle.

Coin storage“Then we will take on these Del Boys and expose them.”

The problems seem to have begun when in September 2014, MJ Levi SL took over the company after a container was found to be storing €2.8 million of cocaine.

By December all communication had gone down, with punters unable to contact the company via email or phone.

When Newall attempted to remove her belongings she found the facility empty.

So far, a total of 34 people are known to have been affected.

All numbers and email addresses connected to the company went unresponded as we went to press.

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  1. There was a shady /antique dealer in Brighton who supplied storage facilities it all went up in smoke and guess what, everyone thought that part of the price paid for storage was insurance, there was none. As this achieved national coverage I would have thought that all Brits would have remembered this – so did all those who used this company have valid insurance?

  2. I thought the Spanish company Tik Books did a great job in Madrid when QuidSquibDragon etc etc boasted their business would have no effect on his tiny Madrid bookshop, but it had a big effect, wouldn’t knock Spain for that, back to London and UK which he knocks so as to make a living, Pot Kettle!

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