A MANCHESTER man was left heartbroken after his devastating injuries from a Benidorm waterslide malfunction lead to a break-up.

Jamie Norman
Jamie Norman

28-year-old Jamie Norman suffered deep slashes across his face, arms and legs after a trap door failed to open on the 60 mph VertiGo slide in Aqualandia.

Despite the support of his partner Vicki Holbrook, 30, and his two children, Norman suffered from extreme stress and low self-esteem following from the injuries, leading to his separation from his partner.

Norman is in counselling and exploring plastic surgery as an option.

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  1. I think he must be hoping that talking about it helps……….At least I am assuming why he has sold his story to Real People Magazine. Excellent that he is battling against his “extreme stress and low self-esteem” for the greater good of the public.

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