Mayor de la Torre
Mayor de la Torre

THE mayor of Malaga has been forced to defend the city’s feria after it drew comparisons with Mallorcan party-town Magaluf.

Mayor Francisco de la Torre insisted the city will not become a party destination after images of naked men and women waving their underwear emerged from the week-long festival.

While the mayor admitted the feria saw ‘more tourists than ever before’ he refused to entertain comparisons with Magaluf.

“Our feria is not like Magaluf in anyway,” he said. “The behaviour of Malaga’s citizens is exemplary, the feria is a week to let their hair down.

“Nothing to do with the feria compares to the Mallorcan party town in any shape or form.”
The mayor however did condemn those who stripped off and said the police have been informed to track down those who bared all.

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