Jet 2 aeroplaneFLIGHT attendants mistook a bag of salt for drugs when a group of Scotsmen boarded a Glasgow to Tenerife flight.

The 14 men were marched off the plane by Portuguese police in Faro and have been banned for life by airline Jet2.
The bag was brought on as a joke by one of the group, but they were not allowed to fly on to Tenerife.

But the men, who have been reported to Police Scotland, accused the airline of overreacting.

Lee Farrell, 30, said: “Amazing how people jump to conclusions.

“Not a bit of alcohol was served to us on the flight. There was zero aggression towards any member of staff.

“The people sitting round us would confirm we never caused this incident.”

His brother, Martin, 33, said they would be complaining to Jet2 when they returned home.

He said: “We’ll be making complaints against Jet2 when we get back, but we’re not really in a position to talk just now.”

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