GUARDIA Civil officers rammed two Gibraltar pleasure boats last Friday, reports suggest.

Spanish media are reporting that one officer was injured in the incident.

Gibraltar Boat But the Gibraltar government claims the Spanish boat had entered British Gibraltar Territorial Waters when the incident took place.

The Gibraltar authorities are investigating video evidence of the incident.

The Guardia Civil boat is alleged to have rammed the two vessels even though a Gibraltar police officer and a customs officer were on board.


  1. Trouble here is that Spanish people north of San Roque believe the rubbish they are told about Gibraltar and think that the actions of the Guardia Civil are correct or worse they don’t know what is going on. Having said that the border has been free-flowing for a long time now in and out. However I am guessing the GC that were on August holidays will soon return and want to do something other than stand around trying to look butch with their guns and truncheons.

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