EXCLUSIVE By Iona Napier

THIEVES masquerading as Endesa electricians have stolen an expat’s valuable jewellery collection.

JEWELLERY THEFT: The bespoke 57-year-old engagement ring
JEWELLERY THEFT: Engagement ring

The Nerja couple were heartbroken to discover the theft included a bespoke 57-year-old engagement ring.

It came after they allowed the two men inside to ‘check an installation’ and were distracted filling out a form while the men scoured the premises.

“They emptied out my wife’s jewellery box and inside – with the most value – was her engagement ring,” said Mr Bailey.

“I had it made in Sri Lanka, 57 years ago, and it is of great sentimental value.”

Police informed them that they were not the first victims of the pair.

“I just want Olive Press readers to be aware of these bogus electricians who showed an ID card, which because I don’t speak good Spanish I couldn’t check properly.”

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