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VIDEO: Exhausted donkey kicked and dragged in Mijas Pueblo

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A SHOCKING video has emerged of an exhausted donkey being dragged and kicked in Mijas Pueblo. 

donkey-mijas-videoThe clip (below) shows two men struggling to force the donkey to stand up, and eventually succeeding to the cheers of the watching crowd.

However, the cruel scenes – published on the Podemos Mijas Facebook page – have sparked outrage.

A petition calling for everyone to ‘boycott Mijas Pueblo until they do something positive to help stop this cruelty’ already has 480 signatures.

While Podemos Mijas has promised it is working on a motion to help improve the conditions of the donkeys working in Mijas Pueblo.

The ‘burro taxis’ are a famous part of Mijas, and offer rides around the village to tourists. However, questions have long been asked about their treatment, especially having to work long days in the hot sun with little shade.

Watch the video here…

Tom Powell

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  1. With the evidence clear, let’s see how genuinely interested the Mijas Town Hall is in improving its image by prosecuting those involved & having them barred from owning & operating these defenseless animals. Words are not enough……….financial penalties & restrictions may have some effect.

  2. What a disgusting scene, how could people just stand and watch let alone applaud, I would have intervened even if I had been a lone voice. Will they be fined? Does anyone know what became of the donkey? This needs to be taken much further.

  3. I would never condone any kind of animal cruelty, and what happened here is indeed a disgrace, but the wider point about these donkeys hauling overweight tourists around doesn’t hold water. Donkeys are beasts of burden and it must be remembered that the reason for donkeys being in Mijas in the first place is that they carried heavy loads of fish to the village from Fuengirola port, a distance of over eight kilometres up a steep hill. Contrast that to their virtually flat tourist route of around one kilometre and it puts things in some perspective.

  4. An absolute disgrace.These people just work the animals to death and dont give a damn, and no one in authority seems to care.Will Mijas Town Hall take action?I doubt it but only time will tell.Get these scum off the streets and away from animals.Poor donkey.

  5. Poor animal, i have attended many anti bullfight protestings over the years here and still stand amazed at the total lack of empathy and compassion people show towards animals. Donkeys are the kindest and most docile creatures ever, so they are an easy target for frustrated men. Our animal groups should start campaigning against this and the horses in the streets of Marbella and Malaga.

  6. Some years ago Mijas Town Hall were supposed to have drawn up a charter for the treatment of donkeys, obviously had no meaning. Disgraceful treatment for a European country. Everyone living there must condone this as it is a small village and in your face all the time. The people who pay to ride on them should have more sense.

  7. Please sign and share this petition on the Care 2 site and help these Animals:-“http://www.thepetitionsite.com/es-es/takeaction/264/963/548/?z00m=22520323&redirectID=1819553472”
    also protest,write e.mails and do whatever you can.

  8. @ John Lightfoot…that’s all we need, another ignorant person. By the time you wrote the words above, you could have easily signed the petition instead and actually contributed.

  9. The Federation for the protection & welfare of animals, of Malaga: Tidus, will have a meeting with the Mayor of the Mijas Town Hall to resolve this situation.

    “The Federation Tidus” will not permit any bad treatment for any animals, and will fight for their legal rights.

    If you want to joint to us for help animals, send a e.mail to: [email protected]

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