eurosSPAIN is among 20 countries with over 1,000 people in the ‘ultra-rich’ bracket.

New international census figures reveal there are 1,390 Spaniards with more than €43 million to their name.

This puts Spain ninth worldwide, with the USA topping the list of the super rich.


  1. Spain is definately No.1 in Europe for having by far the highest number of €500 notes in circulation. I nearly ended up in a tricky situation when visiting France in 2007 as I decided I did’nt want to incur charges on my Sterling cr/card so took cash.

    It was late in the day and I had to visit 3 different French banks before I found one that would accept a €500 note to break down into reasonable denominations. I had to show my passport and supply documentation of where I lived in Spain before they would.

    I doubt that brown envelopes have disappeared in Spain.

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