Marbella coast
Marbella coast

ASTOUNDED Costa del Sol realtors believe the annulment of Marbella’s 2010 planning regulations could seriously damage Marbella – and Spain’s – profile.

Controversially, the Supreme Court overturned a Junta approval of Marbella’s 2010 PGOU (general urban plan) on November 4.

Their reasoning was because the 2010 plans were drawn up by someone without sufficient powers, Manuel Gonzalez Fustegueras.

It means any structure built since 1986 that doesn’t comply with the regulations of that year could be illegal – leaving at least 16,500 homes in limbo.

Furthermore it means the town hall cannot grant any more licences and invalidates its ability to compensate homeowners.

“The decision will do serious damage to the image of Marbella, and indeed to the image to Spain, as far as foreigners are concerned,” Panorama boss Christopher Clover told the Olive Press.

“It creates a nightmare of legal insecurity for thousands of owners whose properties do not fully comply with the 1986 zoning.”

Clover predicts a medium term solution offered by the Junta should help alleviate the ‘highly unusual situation’.

Adam Neale, Terra Meridiana boss, was shocked at the lack of alternative plans.

“It is unbelievable and a very strange situation,” he told the Olive Press.

“The consequences seem that Marbella has taken five steps backwards and the town hall must find a solution.”

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  1. What is the matter with these people, have they got some sort of death wish? Just as the property market in Marbella starts to show something that resembles a sign of life, they sabotage it. More info on this would be good please OP.

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