John Shannon, Copyright Olive Press

BRIT John Shannon murdered his family and then committed suicide, coroner Charles Pitto has ruled. 

In his closing summary Pitto expressed his condolences to all the families, as well as his admiration and gratitude for their co-operation throughout the week long inquest.

Evidence given in Gibraltar’s coroners court earlier in the week revealed that Shannon suffered from extreme paranoia and psychotic tendencies.

His mental state was hampered due to the amount of cannabis he consumed and his hormone levels were altered due to the fact that he was taking steroids.

In fact, forensic scientist’s test reveal Shannon had been on a cocktail of cannabis and steroids when he carried out the attack.

The father of murdered girl Amanda Kristofferson, 4, Renee Kristofferson also spoke at the inquest, saying how he felt Shannon was a risk to the family.

He revealed that Shannon’s wife Anarda de la Caridad Perez Friman was scared of Shannon and that the Brit had previously attempted to strangle her.

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