gag lawA TRIPLE lawsuit was yesterday launched at the European court of human rights in a bid to repeal the gag law.

Journalists are fighting for Spanish MPs to rescind the new law which means people may not gather outside certain public buildings and also limits freedom of expression.

Currently in Spain, you can face a fine of up to €600 for ‘disrespecting police’ and up to a staggering €600,000 for staging an  unauthorised protest in a strategic place.

If you take and broadcast a photo of a police officer, you can also face a penalty of €30,000.

Although journalists have united in force on the platform Deferder a Quien Defiende, it could be months before the court decides if the case is worth hearing.

The government defends the bill, championing its guarantee ‘for people’s security’.

But the Spanish are increasingly disillusioned, with internet outrage after a woman was fined €800 for posting a photo of an illegally parked police car in August.

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  1. Fascism is alive and well in Spain. I don’t think there is any other country in Europe that would let their government get away with this draconian, dictatorial crap. AND they are going to vote the PP back into power. They do love fascist, undemocratic leadership in Spain.

  2. Correct JohnR: This attitude is probably related to their Francoist past, but more importantly the entrenched, Big Daddy rule of Catholicism. They are USED to being told what to do and feel insecure when faced with democratic choice. Like children, they want someone to take charge AND responsibility, while they smoke, drink, practice Idolatry (religious parades) and take a kip in the afternoon.
    The Poles (while having a strong work ethic) tend to have the same attitude to their leadership. They also are blinded by their Papish beliefs. The Republic of Ireland is only now emerging, blinking in the light, from THEIR religious prison.

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