foreign-TVDUBBING foreign films could soon become a thing of the past in Spain.

The PP is proposing to end the practice in a bid to improve the country’s standard of English.

Mariano Rajoy’s party wants to end dubbing for all film and TV shows.

Spain is currently 19th out of 27 European countries on the EF English proficiency index.

Franco introduced dubbing when he was in power to give him control over the content of all foreign films.


  1. I think I may have a seizure over this. The PP doing something that is good for all Spanish people, I can’t believe it.

    As a Spanish friend said to me, “you do know that when these films and programmes are dubbed, they change everything to that of the Spanish mentality”. Sadly this applies across Europe virtually as a whole. I say virtually except for the Netherlands. Even 40 years ago Dutch kids under 10 had good English and maybe German as well. So no surprise that so many Dutch hold top positions in companies not only in Europe but across the world and why because all foreign material is sub-titled not dubbed.

    What is the point in watching anything that has been changed into something that bears little resemblance to the original – sub-titles please – this way you learn other languages – or is that too rational.

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