SLOW PLAY: CEO hits out at leisurely golfers

GERMAN tourists are lining up to tee off on the Costa del Sol.

Over the past year, the number of Germans heading to the Costa del Sol has gone up 10%, according to the president of the Council of Tourism Costa del Sol, Elias Bendodo.

And Bendodo attributes the rise of German visitors to a newfound love of Costa del Sol golf courses.

“The Costa del Sol offers unique conditions for playing golf and has all the necessary resources for the fans of this sport looking for a place where they also play the coldest months,” he said.

“The PGA of Germany will be our best ally in promoting our courses.”

Lufthansa is introducing two additional weekly flights between Germany and Malaga, while Germania increased its weekly flights to 18 last year to cater for the increased demand.

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  1. This has nothing to do with the “new found love”.

    In the last years Germans went to Turkey and Egypt for the “wintergolf”.
    With all the things happening in the middle east people are avoiding those countries now.

    So nothing Bendodo did has anything to do with that

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