Freddie Starr
Freddie Starr

BRITISH comedian Freddie Starr’s wife is said to have filed for divorce after falling in love with another man.

Sophie, 34, married 73-year-old Freddie in 2013, but has now reportedly fallen for a man in his early 40’s.

Sophie is said to have ended the marriage citing ‘unreasonable behaviour’, stating in a previous interview that he would verbally abuse her on a daily basis.

She described the marriage as ‘hell’.

But a friend has said she is ‘happier than she has been for years’ with her new love Andrew.

“She initially found it hard to let someone into her life again after Freddie but this time things finally seem right,” she told press.

“She feels so lucky to have found love again.”

But Freddie, who lives in Mijas, is said to have ignored attempts by Sophie to finalise the divorce five times.

Their relationship allegedly turned sour last April after police were called to the pair’s home in Warwickshire in the UK.

There is believed to have been an altercation between Freddie and Sophie’s younger son Elliott.

Sophie alleges Freddie cracked under the pressure after he was investigated over alleged child sex abuse claims, for which he was cleared after an 18 month investigation.

She claims he targeted his anger towards her.

“If I asked him if he wanted a cup of tea and a scone and I forgot the scone, he would fly off the handle and accuse me of disrespecting and neglecting him,” she claimed in a previous interview.

“On one occasion I was left with a black eye.”

Freddie has not responded to the claims.


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