Christine FinalOWNERS, 2016 is a record year for holiday guests – are you prepared? Writes Christine Trainor…

May didn’t just bring the sun, but also the steady arrival of guests.

The holiday season is almost in full flow and it is an essential time to make sure your property is prepared for the constant wave of visitors.

The warm weather means most guests reach for the A/C control when they arrive, so the last thing you need is your air conditioning units to break down at the start of the season.

Essential maintenance carried out now can save you a lot of expense from having to repair the units during the long summer months.

If your air conditioning breaks down, a guest can ask for compensation, or even to be relocated, resulting in loss of rental income on top of having to pay for getting the unit fixed, and during the busy summer season parts and labour can often be in short supply.

This is also an opportune moment to go through a checklist for all your appliances and furnishings.

Does your kettle need descaling?

Do you still have enough cutlery and crockery for the number of people accommodated? And what about your pillows and duvets (including the protectors) – do they need changing after the last season?

Are your curtains or sofa looking tired and worn?

A little investment at this stage can go a long way as worn out furnishings can spoil an otherwise perfect setting.

There is also the exterior of the property to consider, even for apartments.

Terraces need checking that the drainage is clear, the planters are weeded and any terrace furniture is still in good condition with no broken legs or weathered tops.

As well as wanting everything to look great for the guests, you want to avoid any accidents occurring.

When renting out your property, prevention is definitely better than cure, so take time now to help ensure you are not caught out. Trust  me, it will pay off!

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