Spanish foreign minister garcia-margalloSPAIN’S government is not happy about British PM David Cameron’s visit to Gibraltar today.

Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo immediately expressed his displeasure about Cameron’s visit to the British territory.

Margallo told a Spanish news agency that Spain and the UK are allies and partners, but in spite of that ‘have profound differences’ over Gibraltar.

He reiterated Spain’s views on Gibraltar and that the UK must engage in ‘bilateral sovereignty talks’ with Spain.

The British government notified Madrid of the PM’s plans to visit Gibraltar in order to rally Gibraltarians to vote Remain in next week’s EU referendum.

Cameron’s brief  trip is the first visit from a serving British prime minister in 47 years after Harold Wilson visited for talks in 1968.

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  1. Well unelected Margallo, and Spain are just going to have to be ‘displeased’. Get over youselves and mind your own business, because Spain has MANY, MANY problems Margallo and Gibraltar aint one of em.
    PS Margallo is not just a miserable conniving, f*****t, he is a b*** ugly miserable conniving, f*****t don’t you think?

  2. Earlier this week I found myself feeling “not happy” when the chief of the Guardia Civil in Coin was arrested for drug trafficking.
    Luckily, the news that the British PM was visiting Gibraltar cheered me up somewhat.

  3. If the PP get back in after the June elections, this man will again be bad news. As has already been said, Spain has many problems on which it should concentrate, and Gibraltar should not be one of them. it is patently obvious, even to the most stupid man, that the UK will never renounce Gibraltar. At least the PSOE some years ago agreed to Trilateral talks, but to have a discussion whilst not involving the subject of that discussion is idiotic, and naive.

    • In my opinion the declarations of Rajoy and Margallo are supporting the Cameron´s campaign against the Brexit. The response of Cameron have been astounding.

      The territorial integrity of a state is not a joke, for a state there is not any issue more important that this.

      The problem is not that UK will retain his colony. The problem would be that UK gives the independence to Gibraltar. In this case there will be all objections from Spain; bcause it will be against the territorial integrity of Spain.

      In case of Brexit the worst thing that would happen to the Gibraltarians would be the closing of the fence.

      • Territorial integrity is irrelevant. Spain ceded Gibraltar to the UK over 300 years ago. Gibraltar is perfectly entitled to independence under current international law, should it choose to take it. The UK is on record that it would give Gibraltar independence if it wants it.

  4. ‘Closing the fence’? What do you mean by this Anselmo? Do you mean Spain would close the international border between 2 countries and put thousands and thousands of Spanish people out of work? Oh, and also face the return of several hundred thousand workers from the UK. Your weak country would be crippled. Wake up man.

  5. I am saying that the closing of the gate would be the worst outcome for the Gibraltarians. And I must add that It is not probably. But we must remember that the fence of Gibraltar is not a frontier between two countries, It is a limit between a military base wich have a colony, and a country. The Utrech treaty forbids the opening of the gate.

    With respect to the Spaniards inmigrants in UK, it is a fact that many of them will lose his jobs in the unwelcome case of the UK economy will go bad . And some of the things in which are insisting many economics pundits is that the Brexit will not be good for the UK economy. I hope that in the case of this unwelcome thing would be true , It would be true only for few years.

    • The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again expecting a different result. Franco closed border between Spain and Gibraltar and what did that achieve Anselmo? A lot of legal water has flowed under the bridge since Utrecht, not least of all the UN Charter. You need to catch up Anselmo!

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