Brinkman and wife Johanna
Brinkman and wife Johanna

A SUSPECTED conman exposed by the Olive Press after allegedly duping a Hollywood stuntman in a €5 million deal may be part of a crime family with hundreds of victims.

Since the Olive Press front-page story on Peter Wicke’s court battle with Jan Herman Brinkman, half a dozen more victims have approached us.

Marbella-based Wicke, 48, handed €2,500 to Brinkman when seeking investors for his film company before smelling a rat and pulling out of a much bigger deal.

But others have not escaped so ‘lightly’.

One Marbella businessman Toon Van De Wiel is battling to get back €90,000 he gave to Brinkman, allegedly for a beach chiringuito investment.

In police documents, the Dutchman claims he was persuaded it was a ‘fabulous’ investment, but the money simply vanished with no comeback.

Van De Wiel told the Olive Press: “We met Brinkman and his wife Johanna Te Riet at our children’s school barbecue last September.

“They became very close to us and he convinced me to invest in this bar in Marbella. So I transferred €90,000 to an IBAN that he said was in wife Johanna’s name.

“But afterwards they claimed they didn’t get the money. They say I didn’t send it, which is preposterous.”

Marbella police are investigating after their bank confirmed the IBAN is under the name of Johanna’s father, Jan Te Riet.

Meanwhile, another Dutchman Gerard Grootte Bromhaar insists Brinkman stole €42,000 in a dodgy property deal.

A signed legal document seen by the Olive Press shows Brinkman, Marbella-based, agreed to repay Bromhaar, but has yet to do so.

Brinkman’s brother-in-law Gert Jan te Riet was the subject of a TV crime investigation by Dutch journalist Rob Vorkink in 2010, before moving to Spain. The Brinkmans were not available for comment as we went to press.


  1. This guy has left a trail of scams in the Netherlands, as bankruptcy fraud, forgery and various rogue Web business for which he is already convicted and still wanted for. It’s time that he will be lifted from his bed and spend the next sixty years in jail. This is the only remedy to be rid of him.

    • They are our ex friends. They are sneaks in the grass. They think they are clever but thank god their evil ways are being highlighted. The wife is worse than he is. Not to be trusted. How come the authorities are not catching them?

  2. So we have Dutch,Brits and almost certainly other nationalities as well being continually ripped off. How is this possible with the wonderful EU. How come they can move freely around the EU – and nothing happens – I don’t hear anything coming from the ugly tax fraudster Juncker on this.

    He only talks about freedom of movement, quite rightly, he says it is enshrined in the original EU treaty which was made by big business to suit big business and the ordinary European – go away and don’t annoy me.

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