brexit-sandcastle-2A PETITION for expat representation in UK parliament has garnered over 1,000 signatories.  

The petition demands that the large body of expats in Europe (estimated at 1.3 million) as well as 30,000 Gibraltarians are given an official voice in Parliament.

Incredibly, our group has no MP or other government body to represent us in London.

And in the wake of Brexit it is more important than ever that British expat rights to live and work across Europe is protected.

After submitting our own petition on and to the UK petitions committee the Olive Press is now backing an existing petition which already has the backing of 1,000 signatories.

The petition needs to reach 10,000 by September 17 in order to warrant a response from government.

If it reaches over 100,000 signatories then the issue must be raised in the House of Commons.

To sign the offical petition click here:

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