IT can take a long time to adjust to your new life in Spain, but as the months and years fly by, you may not even realise how much you have blended into your new home.

Here are 20 tell tale signs that you have ditched your guiri status and become well and truly Espanol.


  1. You can’t remember the last time you ordered a pint over a canabecoming native0
  2. The sight of kids in pubs no longer feels weird
  3. Lunch before 3.00pm or dinner before 10 is for Guiris
  4. You start ending every question with a no, no?
  5. When 10 minutes late, in your head, means you are earlybecoming native 5
  6. When you’re singing along to Spanish songs on the radio and wonder why Brits don’t listen to Spanish music more
  7. When you don’t even question wearing shorts to work
  8. When you can’t have your morning toast without some pulped tomatoes as a spreadbecoming native2
  9. When you meet British friends and keep slipping into Spanish
  10. When the disorderly queue in the bank no longer gives you anxiety
  11. When chilling on the beach with the family late at night becomes the norm
  12. When you instinctively buy everything you need for the weekend on Friday because you know all the shops will be closed
  13. When you sigh and eyeroll at the sight of British summer drivers
  14. You don’t bat an eyelid when the headline band is scheduled to start at 1.30am
  15. When a plumber fails to turn up 5 days in a row
  16. When you get charged 6 months for a telephone bill that you cancelled last yearbecoming native4
  17. You shrug your shoulders when you hear the town mayor has just been found with 250,000 in cash under his mattress
  18. You stop your car and look at every ‘stop’ sign… Even in the middle of the nightbecoming native
  19. You answer the telephone in English with the words ‘speak to me’
  20. You pack every jumper away at the end of may
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