PEOPLE smuggling is a serious offence, there’s no doubt about it.

However, a missing person’s case is obviously of much greater importance.

Stephen Jackson’s jail sentence in the UK is in danger of prolonging the unknown and the heartache of Lisa Brown’s family and friends.

If he is not extradited until the end of his sentence, then it could be almost five more years before Spanish investigators get a chance to grill him.  

With this case already coming up for a year, common sense must surely prevail over legal technicalities.

The sooner Jackson is quizzed over Lisa Brown the better for everyone involved.

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  1. Not a truer word spoken,Lisa’s family and friends continue to live in this nightmare and are stuck in limbo until trial of Simon Corner and a speedy extradition of Jackson would move this enquiry on,that is if he tells the truth we can only hope a Judge sees it this way

  2. The quicker he is extradited the better,Lisa’s family whilst continuing to live in this hellish nightmare are stuck in limbo until a trial,he knows along with others what has happened to Lisa,but i suppose the truth will be harder to extract

  3. What would be the point? For a start, money enters into this. Someone must pay for the security involved in moving this person. Then he sits in some Spanish nick for a while, refusing to speak (as is his right). Following which, he’s returned to prison in England with nothing accomplished.
    Forget these emotional responses, they just raise false hopes. Only old-fashioned police leg work can further this inquiry, they have to get off their backsides and proceed with it.

      • Jackie: I made about five different points and you chose just one. Money. Emotive responses don’t help. My final point, if you care to read it, Is the most important one. For that to happen, the police (local) need to be kept on board and trying their best to find hard evidence on this person. It is naive to think that simple interrogation will produce results from a seasoned criminal.
        Don’t imagine that shouting at the guy will faze him. The days of torture to extract confessions are over. Corroborated witness evidence and forensics are what count. This is modern police work
        I wish family and friends well in their search for justice.

  4. Lisa’s family and friends have been tortured far more than they should have due to lies and deceit. Do the right & and bring the truth out of these monsters once and for all … Then throw them in a hell hole & throw away the key. It will still never match the pain the family are suffering but at least they may find some answers to help them find some sort of peace until their beautiful Lisa is found again :-(xx

  5. why would any land put a family through that much agony waiting on him being extradited. Lisa’s family are desperate for answers and several thousands of people too. She has Son who will need answers. It’s cruel to ask them to wait any more.

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