Winston Churchill

AN MI6 report has revealed that Winston Churchill had to bribe Spain to prevent it joining the Nazis in the Second World War.

When an MI6 spy, known as Agent T,  uncovered a secret meeting between Adolf Hitler and Spain’s dictator General Franco about entering WWII as an ally of the Nazis in 1940, a panicked Churchill spent the equivalent of €996 million to halt the plan.

The money was used to bribe Spanish generals and businessmen to persuade Franco not to support the Third Reich.

Franco with Hitler

The bribery has been revealed by Angel Vinas, author of Bribes: How Churchill and March Bought Franco’s Generals.

Vinas claims Agent T was a member of the Falange – Spain’s fascist political party – who was secretly working for MI6 to the tune of 5,000 pesetas a month.

Franco steered clear of formally joining the Axis powers, but did allow volunteers to join the German army on the clear condition they would only fight against Soviet forces.

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  1. The thirst for power is a driver stronger that the money. Machiavelo said that man who got power will not have any problem for to access to all the richness that he can desire.

    It is a fact that Franco not was interested in to join to the WWII; there was nothing for to win for Spain and for Franco. Germany had lost before the WWI and after the moment in which England resisted the Battle of England It was clear that the war will last for years, and was evident that Germany only was prepered for a war of few years.

    Too It was clear for Franco that Hitler would prefer to change Franco for a General of the Spanish “fascist” party , Falange, i.e. Muñoz Grandes.

    We must not forget that Franco was not a truly fascist , he was the Chief (caudillo) because he occupied an balance position between monarchical reactionaries (carlistas) , monarchical conservators (alfonsinos), and falangistas.

    Probably the bribes of Churcill were aimed for some falangist chiefs and for some especially warmongers generals.

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