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Two Nazi looted paintings displayed in Spain are returned to Poland

TWO 15th century paintings looted from Poland during World War II that ended up in Spain's Galicia region, have been sent back after 79...

Nazis on the Costa del Sol: The evil men who found refuge in Marbella

A NEW book once again throws the spotlight on the history of the Costa del Sol as a refuge for wanted Nazis after World...

Titanic of the Mountains: Historic train station in Spain’s Pyrenees to be transformed into luxury hotel

Known as the 'Titanic of the Mountains', a grandiose railway station which is reputed to have served both as an escape route for thousands...

Long Read: Tributes roll in as last surviving Spanish Nazi concentration camp prisoner dies aged 101

THE last Spaniard to have survived the Nazi concentration camps in World War II has passed away. Juan Romero died peacefully surrounded by family in...

A secret WW2 German U-boat base, Nazis on the run, macabre facilities for facial reconstruction surgery – the shady...

Words by Conor Mcglone SCORES of roosting doves erupted from the decrepit courtyard as we entered the ominously-named Villa Winter. I'm not easily spooked but...

Spanish Catholic group under fire AGAIN after comparing feminists to Hitler on side of campaign bus

HazteOir is an ultra-Catholic organisation that has faced similar controversy before

Secret British World War Two documents reveal fears of Nazi coup of Canary Islands

The conditions on the islands were ripe for an uprising

MI6 report reveals why Winston Churchill spent almost €1 billion bribing Spain during World War II

The money was used to bribe Spanish generals and businessmen

Barranco Blanco: Secret valley with links to the Nazis

The beautiful, hidden valley of Barranco Blanco has a shady past

Nazis hold rally in Malaga

Neo Nazis gathered to protest at the detention of far right activists in Greece

Legal battle launched over work stolen by Nazis

A tug-of-war is to begin in the courts over a 15m euro Pissarro painting allegedly stolen by the Nazis and now owned by Spain




Supermarket strike is announced in Spain over the crucial Christmas period

SUPERMARKET and grocery shop workers in the Madrid area are set to strike over Christmas over wage rise demands. The UGT trade union has announced...


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