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Spain seeking the return of gifts it gave to the Nazis intended to prove the superiority of Aryan race

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FRANCO: With Adolf Hitler

SPAIN has asked for the return of wartime gifts it sent to the Nazis intended to prove the ‘Aryan ancestry’ of Germany and Spain.

Dictator Francisco Franco gave several Visigoth artefacts to SS chief Heinrich Himmler, who had been tasked with proving the superiority of the Aryan race.

The gifts, presented to the Nazis following Himmler’s visit in 1940, included gold and bronze cups, necklaces and human remains that had been excavated from a Visigoth necropolis near Segovia.

Visigoths were German tribesmen who had conquered the Iberian peninsula between the 5th and 8th centuries.

The gifts were a bid by Franco and archaeologist Julio Martinez Santa-Olalla to prove the tribesmen’s presence in Spain, which would in turn prove that Spaniards shared the Germans Aryan heritage, making them, too, ‘superior to all other races’.

Spain wants to display the gifts at the National Archaeological Museum in Madrid.

Sergio Vidal, head of medieval antiquities at the National Archaeological Museum, said: “Dozens of pieces were sent to Germany and they never returned. Now we are trying to find evidence to show that the material was sent to Germany only on a temporary basis.”


Laurence Dollimore

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  1. It’s Nazis not Nazi’s.

    Why are we seeing so many of these errors in print, even in UK broadsheets?

    Missing plurals in possessive nouns, e.g. “Johns telephone” and superfluous apostrophes as in the first example?

    For further information, please refer to “http://www.apostrophe.org.uk/”

  2. Suppose the bits of gold could come in handy. But the rest of the crap? Leave it in the bunker with all the other rubbish. People are equal, there’s no such thing as a superior race. Nurture not nature is what creates a better or worse person. This stuff has no historic value.

  3. stefanjo,
    you have acquired a reputation, quite rightly for b/s posts and this one is no exception. This ‘stuff’ has great historical value. Probably you can’t go back more than a couple of generations, maybe even less, so don’t know your racial origins and therefore have no link to any actual past.

    However some of us can trace our roots back hundreds of years. But for the deliberate murder of the bards and chanters after the battle of Culloden by the fat little alien Hanoverian, the Duke of Cumberland, many Gaelic Celts could have traced their roots back over 1500 years or more. A people without a past have no future, that’s why Aryans have always tried to wipe out languages. In Scotland they banned Gaelic, the Goths (Pizarro) and Visigoths (Cortez) cut out the tongues of anyone speaking languages other than Spanish in Central and South America. The English/Dutch/German colonists did the same in North America, this continued right up until WW11 with the armed abduction of indigenous children who had Christianity beaten into them and beaten again if caught speaking their native tongues.

    Jack Daww – you could try a different line of inane sarcastic remarks.

    • Stefanjo

      The Celts too were aryans.

      The obsesion for impose a lenguaje exist only since the XVIII century. I is an outcome of the Enlightened Despotism.

      Cortes and Pizarro were too much occupied conquering ,for attend linguistic questions. In the Spanish empire the people spoke Italian lenguajes , germanics ,catalans, basquians, arabics (algarabias) indigenous americans dialects, and castilian. The people with studies spoke latin , the lingua franca of that times.

      The ideological justification of the Spanish Empire was the defense of the Catolicism (catholic means universal). It implied the necessity of to convince the natives of the catholic dogmas are true, it was not suficient baptize them.

      Respect Noth America (Nueva España) Felipe II decreed the employ of the lenguaje nauahtl , that was the lingua franca of the North Americans before the arribal of the Spaniards. And it was due to the strong dificulties for to learn the various american lenguajes for the Spaniards.

      With respect Peru I only know that the curates were bound to speak Qechua.

  4. Anselmo,
    you never stop with the b/s, what I don’t understand is where it all comes from, certainly not a factual historical basis. Only one language spoken by all the indigenous peoples of north America – LOL.

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