dog beachA BATTLE between dog owners and environmentalists is brewing on the beaches in the Axarquia.

Environmental group GENA is fighting to close a recently opened dog beach in Torre del Mar.

They claim that dogs pose a threat to surrounding plant life as well as creating an ‘unhygienic area’ for beachgoers.

The group claim that the 50 metre section on the El Morchero was opened without authorisation in August.

Rafael Yus, head of GENA claims that the beach breaks the law, which states that it is forbidden to ‘bathe or clean animals on beaches.’

Tensions are high between environmentalists and dog lovers with the latter saying that the beach is a ‘brilliant, safe place’ for dogs to play and swim.

Danny Santiago, an enraged dog-owner said: “This beach is our only glimmer of hope for the dogs to play and swim. There is nowhere else for us to go.”


  1. Stefjano,your comment is rubbish.Dog owners in Spain have almost zero places to take a dog and exercise them.As for the beaches,they have more rubbish left on them by people who dont take the mess home.If you look around you will see most responsible dog owners clear the mess up,its the Spanish who let dogs crap and leave it.

    • If all dogs are banned from beaches, NO-ONE can let their dog crap freely. Spanish or not. (Bit suspect your pointed comment on the natives)
      Rubbish, nasty as it is, doesn’t blind children, as the toxocariasis worms in dog poo can.
      “Picking up” is no guarantee that toxic traces won’t remain.
      You really insist robert, that Spain is too small to exercise your dog, apart from beaches?

  2. Aunt Sally and his theoretical ‘perfect world’. Much more harmful for children, eating food grown with systemic chemicals and meat from animals injected with growth hormones and anti-biotics – he’s not even funny and Aunt Sallys’ are expected to be funny.

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