refugees-2SPAIN has been slammed for ‘failing’ to keep its promise to help with the refugee crisis.

A new report from NGO Oxfam Intermon says the country has so far taken only 1% of the roughly 15,000 refugees it agreed to house in an EU redistribution plan, which was created to take some pressure off an overwhelmed Greece and Italy.

“Spain is very far away from fulfilling its promises,” the Oxfam Intermón paper states. “The Spanish Government has only followed through with one percent of the amount it committed to: 201 of the 15,888 people it promised to take have arrived.”

The report, entitled ‘Spain has failed in response to the global refugee crisis’, says Spain, being one of the top 20 economies in the world, has enough resources to do more but lacks enough ‘political will’.

They point to the €40 million spent every year on repairing and reinforcing border fences in Ceuta and Melilla compared to the €16.3 million it allocated to the CETI refugee centres.

The report urges Spain to make ‘radical changes’ to its migration policy.


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