velez-malaga-tramsTHE mayor of Velez-Malaga has asked a public prosecutor to investigate irregularities in the stopping of the town’s tram systems.

Antonio Moreno Ferrer has announced that his PSOE party will take evidence to the judicial services that shows elements of the ‘paralysation’ of the tram service in 2012 were illegal.

He believes the paralysation – the stopping of services – and subsequent damage caused by lack of maintenance, the modification of the contract to replace trams with buses and the increase in public spending following the paralysation may all be illegal.

Former Mayor Francisco Delgado ended the tram service on June 4 2012, however the service’s reinstatement has become a priority under the current PSOE, PA and GIPMTM coalition.


  1. All of the tram railways and other infrastructure mostly need replacing. There are weeds growing through all of the lines and the power cables and pylons are all rusted. The tram washing and maintenance buildings have been vandalised and are decayed. Some parts have even been stolen for scrap metal. This tram is not starting up again anytime soon. It is a total waste of taxpayers money. A tram has to go somewhere if it is to be popular, so it needs to go east to Nerja and west to Malaga at the very least. Then people will use it all the time.

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