cave-drawingMORE than fifty cave drawings thought to be around 14,500 years old have been found in Spain.

The etchings feature horses, bison, goats and, for the first time, at least two lions.

cave-drawing2They were found in the northern Spanish town of Lekeitio in the Bizkaia region.

Regional official Unai Rementeria described the discovery as a ‘treasure of mankind’ and ‘of exceptional technical quality and visibility.’

They have been described by experts as the ‘most spectacular’ in the Iberian peninsula.




  1. What has always astounded me is the incredible lifelike quality of this art. So much abstract art is pure b/s which mug punters pay stupid amounts of money for, a wonderful con like a lot of of top class wine.

  2. If you did’nt visit Spain in the 60s’ early 70s’ you have no idea what beautiful little fishing villages dotted the Med coast or the excellent local cuisines, all gone, discarded in the pursuit of greed. Almeria/Malaga/Sevilla – all lost.

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