boris-johnsonBORIS JOHNSON has said the UK will make a ‘Titanic success of Brexit’.

The foreign secretary made the comment as he accepted his award for ‘comeback of the year’ at the Spectator Awards.

He said: “We are taking the machete of freedom to the brambles of EU regulation.

“And we are in the process of creating something immensely positive for both sides of the Channel, a new European partnership between a strong UK and a strong EU. Believe me, that’s what people of this great continent want to achieve.”

He added that he believed Europe was coming to terms with the UK’s departure.

“In the words of our great prime minister, they understand that Brexit means Brexit and we are going to make a Titanic success of it.”

Former chancellor George Osborne, who was presenting the award, was quick to remind Johnson of the iconic ship’s fate

“It sank,” he said.

“Well, the Titantic exhibition in Northern Ireland is the single most popular attraction in the province,” Johnson replied, “We are going to make a colossal success of Brexit.”

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