17 Nov, 2016 @ 16:42
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MEP pushes for Remainers in the UK to have ‘associate EU membership’

Charles Goerens
Charles Goerens
Charles Goerens
Charles Goerens

A LUXEMBOURG MEP is calling for Remainers in the UK to be allowed to become ‘associate members’ to the EU.

Charles Goerens, from the Democratic Party of Luxembourg, has argued that those in Britain who want to stay in the union should be able to pay for membership by contributing directly to the EU budget each year.

“An associate membership could provide all the rights of full European citizenship, for example the right to freedom of movement, access to healthcare in the EU and the right to reside in EU member states,” he said.

“I see no reason why the EU should not, in principle, offer an individual EU associate citizenship to UK citizens who wish to maintain their European identity.”

The idea has since generated interest on social media and Mr Goerens says many British MEPs have expressed support.

It will be hard to achieve by the 2019 deadline for Brexit and could only become law after a treaty change as it would alter the very nature of EU citizenship.

It would also need the support of all 28 members.

However the idea has received backing by the influential Belgian MEP Guy Verhofstadt, who will also be the European Parliament’s lead negotiator in Brexit.

The European Parliament will vote on the proposal next month – it is Amendment 882 in a long report on possible future EU treaty changes.

Laurence Dollimore

Laurence has a BA and MA in International Relations and a Gold Standard diploma in Multi-Media journalism from News Associates in London. He has almost a decade of experience and previously worked as a senior reporter for the Mail Online in London.

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  1. It’s a great idea in principle and I hope it can be implemented. It seems entirely reasonable that those who voted to Remain should be able to retain their rights to freedom of movement.

  2. Notice President Schulz can see the game is up regarding the EU and is vying to replace Merkel as the next German Premier, (why change a presidency for a premier).
    Due to the threat that France may leave the EU and the prospect of Germany footing a massive cost in remaining would not be surprised if Germany followed suite plus other’s nations wishing to have drastic changes made on how the EU is being run under the Junker regime and also see that with the Brexit and American vote the EU will eventually collapse so he must have a quick backup job to go to. We also have the ex President Barroso criticizing the running of the EU and not being flexible enough towards Britain to remain, and to top it all we now have the added threat from Turkey. Therefore Brexit maybe the better choice of the two evils..
    Instead of spending Billions if not Trillions in trying to create a European Army, ie, where is the money coming from, an army against what, why not increase the spending on a already strong army named NATO. Each country already has a army which could back their own police and boarders against terrorism. Junker has a few years left in being in charge but the force of democracy is growing stronger each passing day by the other EU nations
    But the main concern one must think off instead of this fanaticism of remaining in the EU, what will happen when the EU does collapse, do people even think of that. Would appreciate some answers to that question from anybody, particularly from the remainders and as a remainder myself it often play’s on my mind, and yes I do believe the possibility of WW3 but not with Russia but within.

  3. Wrought with complications I’d have thought. Is a record kept of everyone who voted & how they voted? Also, what about the millions who didn’t vote or couldn’t vote for one reason or another yet are also British?

  4. Mr Goerens, that is a fantastic idea ! I sure hope and pray that associate membership to the EU for British citizens can become a reality. I love the idea. So many people will benefit from British workers in Europe and of course European workers in the UK. Please make it happen Mr Goerens !

  5. Carlos, Martin Schulz will never become German chancellor. Germany like the UK never sends its top politicians to Brussels. Instead the UK sent Nigel Farage and Germany sent Martin Schulz.

  6. Wolfgang, I think you are a bit outdated.
    BTW, may I correct you regarding, your quote.
    “Germany like the UK never sends its top politicians to Brussels. Instead the UK sent Nigel Farage and Germany sent Martin Schulz”.
    Farage was never a top politician in the UK government but was voted democratically by the people of the UK to represent them in Brussels. Not sure if Schulz arrived in Brussels under the same condition. What I do know however is that Schulz was never voted by the people for the position of Presidency, am I wrong in saying that, but voted there by the cronies, in-fact all the cronies at the top table are un-elected by the people. As an example.
    On a weekly Thursday program on BBC last night, called Question time, a labor British MP stated that he voted to remain but his constituency voted to leave. He said he is now troubled. That’s the difference between a democratic vote and an un-democratic vote

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