dead-dogsA WOMAN first exposed by the Olive Press is accused of slaughtering more than 2,100 cats and dogs at a Costa del Sol animal shelter.

Carmen Marin’s animal shelter in Torremolinos was meant to be a haven for unwanted pets.

But a court has heard that between 2008 and 2010 Marin and assistant Felipe Barco injected the animals with drugs that caused a slow, agonising death.

In 2012, the Olive Press first revealed a police probe into Marin, as well as a close relationship between her and Torremolinos Town Hall.

Court documents showed she made a series of unexplained payments totalling over €50,000 to ex-mayor Pedro Fernandez Montes’ brother.

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  1. Everything owned by all people involved in this killing should be confiscated, money, cars, houses or whatever coupled with a long prison sentence. But Spain does not really have a real compassion towards animals, they should take note of the great care and work that goes towards animals in civilized country’s especially in the USA. Often watch T.V programs regarding the dedication of people that work in the USA and of it’s special courts that deal with the abuse of animals. These people should be made as an example to other’s. Dying to see how many slaps on the hand they will receive. Absolutely disgusting.

  2. They have committed many grave crimes under the Ley de Protecioón de Animales. “”, which makes it an imprisonable offence to torture a single animal, let alone thousands. Animal murder also imprisonable. I hope they lose everything and serve long sentences. Not holding my breath.

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