BRENDAN SHEERIN has begun filming his new series Coach Trip: Road to Marbella.

NEW SERIES: Brendan Sheerin’s Coach Trip: Road to Marbella

The show follows famed tour leader Brendan, who lives in Malaga, and a group of teenagers as they travel through seaside towns across Spain on the way to Marbs.

The 14 youths stop off at several towns on the way to discover and learn about local cultures.

They most recently stopped off in Aguilas, in Murcia, where they were welcomed by the councillor for culture Lucia Hernandez before taking in the sights.

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  1. Preferred the old format, which included all ages. The present set-up with a full complement of hysterical, immature teenagers doesn’t float my boat as much.
    Come on Brendan, bring back some old codgers to leaven the mix.

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