19 Jan, 2017 @ 12:42
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Spain’s prime minister Rajoy rejects Theresa May’s Brexit proposal


rajoySPAIN’S prime minister has vowed not to accept May’s latest Brexit pledge.

Mariano Rajoy said that EU powers were ‘not going to accept’ a UK government attempt to rip apart the ‘four key freedoms’ enshrined in the EU single market to suit its own ends.

He attacked May’s belief that she could pick and choose between the key principles of free movement of people, goods, services and capital, stating that they can only be enjoyed together.

He made the comments in response to May’s landmark speech on Tuesday, in which she committed to leaving the single market and controlling migration but pushing for the ‘freest possible trade’ deal.

This is in addition to attempting to partially withdraw from the EU customs union and guaranteeing the rights of EU citizens in Britain and British expats in the EU.

“I can’t say that I only want free movement of services and capital but that I don’t want free movement of people”, said Rajoy.

‘We are not going to accept that.”

But Rajoy said it would be ‘very prudent’ to take a firm position on May’s plan until she triggers Article 50, which will formally notify EU of the UK’s plan to withdraw.

“I want to be very prudent”, he said.

“I will set a position when the (notification) has been given.

“We still don’t know what relation the UK wants with the EU.”

Diplomatically, he added that he hoped EU relations with the UK could stay as similar in the future as to how they currently are.

“I would like to maintain things as close to how they are now. There are many types of relations with the EU”, he said, in a nod to the different ones enjoyed by Norway, Canada and Switzerland.

“We are willing to have a strong rapport and working relationship in the future.

“All possibilities are open.”

Chloe Glover (Reporter)

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  1. Hey Rajoy, you don’t get a say on Britain’s Brexit proposal. You are the ‘head’ of a country that pays zero into EU coffers, why would anyone care what you have to say? You are of zero impotence in the world. Learn your place, beggars don’t get a say.

    • Yes very helpful stance, did that come straight out of the Mail or the Express. Remember 17 million out of population of 63 million voted to leave the EU we are not being thrown out and every head of state of the 27 remaining members is entitled to a view, the UK is no longer a colonial power and will not get a good deal if acts like one. I have lived in Germany, France, Malta and Spain and always found the people to be open and friendly I fear that will not continue if the editors of the Mail and Express get their way. You don’t get on with your neighbours by throwing bricks through their windows.

    • you should have a look at your poor pound sterling , new poor guy , and yes he can veto any proposal even if that rankles you . w shall see the Uk,s position pretty soon and her importance in the world. and remeber ONE thing , the spanish economy is now the fastes growing economy in Eurpe even that rankles you , and in comparison , you are no longer considered rich

    • with all these banks fleeing Britain , the Uk will not be considered of much importance , the spanish economy is the fastest growing economy now , even if that rankles you , it is clear i t does, you dont make any contribution into the coffers ( Mggie,s own whim remember?) and we will see you pauper place soon

    • your paul preston is a real beggar begging and besseching us to allow you to stay here in Spain, and remember one thing ,,,,,,,,, if a brit has 10 euro in his pocket a spainiar has 80 , you are not longer rich my dear fellow ,in comparison to us , and well se wher you are in the net 10 years , you wanna bet? you are not sweden or denmark ,so do not give yourselves airs of grandeur and pretencious importance , you want to see somthin great and big , then do ,,valley of the fallen

      • Actually Ann Green it’s only of late that they hold the position of being the 5th biggest contributor to the EU, prior to that they were one of the largest receivers, but better still, when the UK leaves the EU they will move up a notch to being the 4th and will be asked to contribute more due to the loss of British tax payers money.

        • Not quite sure if you understood what Spain is paying towards. They are paying back money they had received, just like an overdraft with a bank, repayments must be made, so basically they are not contributing anything to the EU.
          BTW, with the UK pulling out of the EU it has been established that it will cost Germany an extra £2.1 billion on top of what they already pay.
          Not very happy people.

  2. He mentions the 4 freedoms, but forgot to mentiom how on monday French farmers emptied the contents of spanish trucks on the tarmac and the Gendarmes did nada.

    • you mention the 4 freedoms but dont mention how long you will have to wait after Brexit on the border with la linea , I strongly advise you to buy some mineral water above all , over summer

  3. However, he is the prime minster of one of the 27 remaining countries within the EU that DOES have a say as to what the UK can or cannot do within the EU. He does have a very important part to play on what the UK gets from the EU, but it looks very unlikely the UK will keep anything with the insulting manner which the UK politicians are now using within the ‘discussions’ ……
    EU politicians are saying very little about Brexit> until after article-50 is actually initiated that is, but after that, they will be very vocal as to what the UK is going to be allowed access to. Recently, the UK prime minister ‘threatened’ to lower business tax etc as some sort of warning against the EU ….. but that threat has no meaning, as what would happen if all 27 EU remaining countries then responded by lowering their business tax still further. Up until now, the UK has only started to feel the effect of rising prices, lower currency exchange values and a worsening cost of living for all its inhabitants – but following article-50, it gets worse and if the UK does actually follow through & leave – then all bets are off and the deep, dark abyss beckons for the UK.
    And regarding the much mentioned preferential trade-deal that Trump has apparently mentioned – does anyone really think this is going to be a benefit to the UK, or is it Trump getting a ‘cheap’ deal for the USA, at the high-cost of most of the UK electorate.
    The current future does not look rosy at all for the UK, which will effect the EU as well (especially Brits living within the EU), but can only be preferential to the likes of Trump (& the UK rich) etc, who are going to continually exploit the situation to their own advantages ………
    The UK (alone) is of zero importance within the world, but as a member of a larger unit (the EU), at least they had some worldwide influence > but unless things are drastically altered from their current course, they are about to learn what its like to live in ‘little england’ for real ! (& yes, i’m a Brit – but I appear to be one of the ones still awake).

    • Spot on post, I am also awake but groupthink has enveloped the UK and if anyone opposes the Brexit ‘party’ line, they get shouted down. When people are faced with a situation they can’t change, they often pretend to agree with it.

  4. And it is not only Rajoy but the 27 leaders of the EU.
    But what can you expect when an unelected PM of the most indebted country of the EU, the UK, rejects the 4 freedoms but she still wants “an equal partnership with the EU”?

    And even worse, she threatens with breaking a G20 agreement by slashing taxes to convert the UK in a tax haven.

    The UK is a little country, isolated from the EU, the WTO and the G20 and ruled by a group of politicians who havent got the slightest idea about what to do with all this.

    • I would take issue with your comment that the UK is the most indebted country within the EU, there are several countries with bigger debt as a percentage of GDP and the UK’s debt is actually falling.

      • Let me see you ignoramus x 1 Million…
        The UK Government owes more than £1.9 trillion to its creditors.
        That makes them the most indebted country in Europe in absolute terms.
        What you, you ignoramus, are talking about is the debt in relation with the GDP.
        2 different things.
        And what can you expect?

  5. I fear that you have not understood the situation and I understand your anger.

    The idea of to leave a club only in part, is absurd. The EU is an attemp, (absolutely mistaken and failed in my opinion ) for to constitue a Federation of states, an idea that is autentic kryptonite for the collective soul of the British people, so fond of his particularities.

    The proposal of May , in my opinion, can hide a stratagem for to mock the will of the people expresed in the referendum.

    Spain has serious problems, but the claiming of Rajoy is backed by the reality. And realism is not any luxury in the present time, else a necesity for to walk forward.

    • Anselmo please tell me and explain why all this concern by the EU that Britain is to leave the crumbling block. It’s a choice that the British people voted for and has nothing to do with the EU. It’s in the charter of the Lisbon treaty that anyone can leave, so what seems to be the problem. As for Britain being a non important country which has been mentioned by others it is still regarded as a Worldly power. For a start, the United Nation was created by America and Britain. NATO was created by America and Britain. The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund was created by America and Britain and the freedom of Europe was created by America and Britain, and now Britain is once again leading the World for free trade and democracy where country’s can control their own destiny and their own boarders. If Spain and the rest of the EU members wish to remain under the clutches of Juncker and his crowd, it’s their choice and Britain has not indicated that they should leave these fanatics. The World is changing and Britain is leading the way. All the noise from the EU is panic, don’t know how to handle the situation, but Britain does, Britain has handled situations for for hundreds of years and are strong minded enough to leave the clutches of Europe and country’s that rely on backhanders to get on with it. But it will collapse and Free trade with Britain will occur with many other country’s to follow. As of date America and Britain are discussing Worldly affairs once again, not Germany, France or even Spain, they will all tag along. I suppose you know what the Common Market was about, it was a market for free trade and not a market for Federal fanatics,

  6. To Ray, Pablo and Anselmo, Perhaps I’m missing something here but could you please tell me how many members founded the common market (now known as the EU) and for what reason.
    Ray, your last sentence surely must have been a joke. Perhaps you should take note of what Schulz said about the Worldly strength of Britain, in-fact the EU has the Worldly strength of Britain backing them. BTW, just to jog all your memories, there were just 6 founding members of the current EU whereas there are currently 27 countries around the World waiting to have a trade deal with the UK with many more in the pipeline. Could you also explain the reason why the EU wish to make things difficult for free trade agreements with the UK, would it be they are afraid that other members may “wish to leave this wonderful” club. Ray, I take it your a remainder.

      • I’m pleased to see you stated “escape”. BTW Anselmo you tend not to explain why 23 other member states don’t pay their whack into this great club, lots of big brown envelopes flying around, especially to Spain, wonder how this great club will manage with the big black hole when the UK leaves not forgetting the army they also wish to build. Never will happen, the club is going to eventually collapse and the UK will just sit back and “cherrie” pick which country to do free trade with, that is of course which is suitable for the UK.
        The countries in which government officials or prominent business figures have declared a desire to secure a post-Brexit trade deal with Britain. Out of the 10 largest economies in the world, just two (France and Italy) have not yet made moves for a deal, but they will do. Every continent on earth is represented, with 27 countries already signalling their intentions:
        Australia, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Germany, Ghana, Iceland, India, Ireland, Japan, Kenya, Korea (Republic of), Mexico, New Zealand, Pakistan Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Switzerland, United States, Uruguay
        The total GDP of all of these “27 countries alone” is nearly $50 trillion dollars – 67% of global GDP. In comparison, the EU’s GDP of $16 trillion equates to just 22%. As you can see Britain is open for business without the free movement of people. Wacky wacky EU.

  7. lololol….what a t–t…..he has no say whatsoever in Brexit….he is barley in power himself….he should concentrate on his own failings the idiotic baffoon..!!!..he has as much say in Brexit as he does with Gibraltar……..NADA…..NOW CRAWL BACK UNDER THE STONE YOU SILLY LITTLE SPANIARD..!!

    • w will see how long you will have to wait on the border with la linea , an average of 9 hours maybe buy yourself some bottles of fresh mineral water or still better sell them to someone else , you will able to make a nice living , the one that you deserve

  8. It’s a bit funny and pathetic to read some of the posts here.
    Maybe they think that the UK is some kind of “superpower”, lol.
    Maybe they think that they are living in the 19ème siècle and not in 2017.

    They should understand that an isolated UK is just a little country, pretty insignificant for the rest of the world in economic terms.

    Now, who do you think will impose the rules when the UK try to do business with the big guys (MAFTA, EU, Russia, China, etc)?
    Yes, you are right….the big guys.


    • That would be the ‘big guy’ Russia with its economy (1.3 Trillion Dollars) that is smaller than the UK’s right?
      You are talking of the UK with its ‘insignificant economy’ of 2.7 Trillion Dollars, the 5th/6th largest in the world? That little economy right?

      • Probably you are right . I see the Brexit as the abandon of a ship, in a life boat, by the reason of the pasanger dislike the port to wich the captain have choosen for to arrive , or because the passanger think that the ship is sinking.

        There is one thing impossible for the passenger: To be in the life boat and in ship at the same time.

        • Possibly your right Anselmo, perhaps the passenger knows the ship is sinking and prudence tells him to abandon the ship before it sinks. It’s called “common sense” on behalf of the passenger. BTW, how can a sinking ship arrive at any port unless it’s towed in before it actually sinks.

      • Let’s see if you can understand this.
        Britain is a member of the WTO under the auspices of the EU, the world’s largest trade bloc.
        The UK is now out of the EU and hence, the WTO.
        Britain’s trade terms depend on so many factors outside London’s control that they are impossible to steer.
        They have to agree not only with the 27 members of the EU, but also with the 163 members of the WTO, if the want to be part of the global economy.
        And that could take decades.

      • About 45 percent of U.K. exports go to the EU, only about 8 percent of exports coming from EU countries head to the U.K.
        It will not be that easy to find a new market to replace the EU.
        It can take 20, 30 years.
        Not even the US could be agood replacement, since the UK does not have too much to offer them at reasonable cost.
        This is the beginning of the end for what we knew as “United” Kingdom

        • Racist comments about all Spanish people is not going to help the reputation of foreigners in southern Spain. We are on a precipice of backlash.
          Yes, some Spanish people are corrupt or lack understanding of world economics, as is true of people everywhere, including the UK, USA, EU etc. But the vast majority are pretty much ok.
          If a Spanish poster on OP made a blanket statement about, say, “the cockiness and arrogance” of Brits, I suppose you would be offended.

        • Anyway they are 100000 times better than little england or little britain or the disunited kingdom.
          The difference is the leftovers of the UK still think they are an empire or a superpower (lol) when the sad reality is they are just a tiny little island which produces nothing.
          Being ruled by an unelected PM does not help too much either, no?

          • Rajoy has no mandate either Pablo. Being the most corrupt country in the EU does not help too much either, no?

          • Pablo, you could have said 100K instead of punching all those zero’s or at least put a dot after the first 100.

        • I have not visited England, but I have heard commentaries about that the people there do not take showers very frequently. Weekly?…

          If you refer about moral dirty, tolerany to political corruption, I lamment to be agree with you,sadly. It can be a signal of degenerate people.

          And too I agree about that mostly we the Spaniards are not so tall as the English, but I think that it was a problem only in the times of the neanderthals.

          • Anselmo, the reason why some Brits don’t shower that frequently is due to not sweating profusely as their Latin counterpart, and yes you are correct in saying that the Spanish genetics unfortunately stems from the ancient Neanderthals and has not processed in statue to the physical being of modern day man, but what I have heard, correct me if I’m wrong, is to stand at least 1 meter back when confronting a Spaniard or you will be bowled over backwards from the smell of garlic when he tends to speak. Is that true?. Lol

  9. After he has found his brain, Jack Daww should put it use learning how to spell and after that, how to think.
    Ms Maybe has not yet made a proposal, merely a speech.

  10. To all “Spanish” moaners on this site, be prepared for the biggest shock of your life. Spain has no voice when it comes to Worldly affairs, they are just hangers on. Wonder what Spain will do when the EU finally collapses and in the meantime walk the path of a slow death as the money from the UK stops and the noose tightens around their necks. These moaners just don’t get it, Britain is offering the chance to the EU to join the UK on Free Trade etc which would be beneficial to both, if they don’t like it, it’s their choice, Britain will just walk away and say “Bye Bye” as they would have more important things to discuss with the rest of the World. Suggest these “Spanish” moaners keep up to date on news filtering through the press and not just the Spanish press, perhaps, say, the German press for starters. Big day Friday coming, British Prime Minister meeting the American President to sort out Worldly affairs. Think one of the topics could be that Spain and other members of NATO start coughing up financially and stop being free riders. Lol

    • Don’t be silly. May can gain zilch, zero, nada from Trump. She will be just another part of his mad ego-trip. “Amerika first!” Have you not listened to his rants? Sean Spicer, his equally lunatic mouthpiece, tries to make us doubt the evidence of our own eyes, even in something as trivial as the numbers attending the inauguration. Think how even bigger lies about “deals” will trip easily from Trump’s tongue.
      The Maybot is going to look like an eager groupie at a Justin Bieber gig.

    • money from the UK?
      Pay your debts you thieves.
      And as far as the WHOLE WORLD knows except YOU, it is the British who are moaning and whining 24/7.
      It will be funny to see an isolated little britain ruled by an unelected PM.
      But it will be even funnier to see how Papa Trump help you…LOL.
      You will have to buy all kind of american crap.

      • I assume you being a Spaniard and with a Spanish mentality am not sure if you can understand my drift, but when I visit the USA for holidays and invariably visit Las Vegas I tend to have a little flutter at one of the casino’s. I’m not a big gambler but entering a table knowing the chances of winning is favorably against me and when I finally leave the table I don’t moan because I lost. Some you win, some you lose, take it on the chin like a Brit would. Capisci

  11. I just saw that Anselmo has never been in the UK, hilarious, just hilarious. Luckily when we lived in Spain we never encountered the embarrassment of a Jack Daw character but then we deliberately stayed away from the self imposed ghettos.

  12. Anselmo. It appears you are quite apt in making comments but not apt enough to respond to my question put to you on 28 Jan, 2017 @ 17:18 at 17:18′. Perhaps it was too far out of your depth.

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