Vladimir Kokorev
Vladimir Kokorev

A DUO of European lawyers are demanding answers over a ‘classified’ court case that has kept a Spanish family behind bars for almost 18 months without being charged.

Deputy of the European Parliament Jean-Luc Shaffhauser,  from France, and deputy of European Parliament, Georgios Epitideios, from Greece,  have asked the Consejo General del Poder Judicial and the General Prosecutor of Spain to explain what is happening to Vladimir Kokorev, his wife Yuliia and his son Igor.

Las Palmas Court No. 5 suspects all three family members of money laundering and they have been kept in prison on the Canary Islands for almost a year and a half.

But there has yet to be any formal charges brought against the Kokorevs while the case has been labelled classified.

The defense claims they have documentary evidence that can prove the legitimacy of all contracts concluded by the Kokorevs’ companies.  

The deputies said in a statement: “It is difficult not to agree with the defense’s opinion, which states that the record is being kept secret to hide the lack of evidence against the Kokorevs.

“It makes you think that this is a political case and that there are interests being served.

“Otherwise it is impossible to explain the obvious and flagrant violations of the norms of international law and the laws of the Kingdom of Spain.”

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