asturian chef jose andresAMERICA’S favourite Spanish chef, Jose Andres, has led a protest against Donald Trump.

The 47-year-old Spanish immigrant to the USA closed five of his Washington D.C. restaurants as part of a national ‘Day Without Immigrants.’

The aim of the protest was to make a stand against Trump’s stance on immigration by demonstrating how much of American business and daily life depends on immigrant workers.

Andres is currently involved in a multi-million lawsuit with the new President.

The chef pulled out of plans to open a restaurant inside the Trump Hotel in D.C. after Trump referred to Mexicans as ‘rapists’.


  1. This report is not quite accurate according to TV interviews. Jose Andres’s Mexican American employees rightly decided to join the anti-Trump protest. This left the Chef without employees, so he accepted the situation and joined in. The part about the lawsuit is mainly correct, though anti-Mexican bias isn’t the whole story.

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