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Spaniards urge boycott of The Invisible Guardian film after Basque actress Miren Gaztanaga calls them ‘rednecks’

miren gaztanaga
Miren Gaztanaga during an interview on . Photo credit: EITD
Miren Gaztanaga during an interview on . Photo credit: EITD
Miren Gaztanaga during an interview on Euskalduna Naiz, eta Zu? Photo credit: EITD

SPANIARDS have urged filmlovers to boycott a major Spanish film after its actress called Spaniards ‘rednecks.’

Basque Miren Gaztanaga, who stars in the new thriller flick The Invisible Guardian, has been widely condemned on social media after her comments during an interview on controversial Basque comedy show Euskalduna Naiz, eta Zu?

Thousands have used the hashtag #BoicotElGuardiánInvisible to ask Spaniards to not go see the film, an adaptation of a book series, in which Gaztanaga plays a minor role.

Spaniards’ ire was raised over the programme, aired over the weekend, when Gaztanaga said Spaniards were ‘culturally a little backward, they remind me of rednecks.’

She then added that she ‘looks forward to switching off the TV when the national anthem of Spain is played.’

When asked by the presenter if she would ever allow her son to wear a Spanish football shirt, she replied ‘I will never buy him one.’

In a final blow against Spain, she said the famous person who best represents Spain is Jesús Gil, the corrupt ex-Marbella mayor.

Taking to Twitter, popular satirist Jospastr joked that he felt ‘so inferior he could not leave the house to watch the film.’

Meanwhile Ciudadanos politician Jordi Cañas warned that ‘the ‘backwards’ people and the ‘hicks’ would surely be the ones paying to see her act in it.’

The Spanish film company behind The Invisible Guardian, Atresmedia Cine, today issued a statement to try distance itself from her comments.

“We deplore and completely reject every insult press statement,” said the release, which was also signed by director Fernando González Molina, Dolores Redondo, author of the trilogy, and others.

It also stressed she was a ‘secondary actress’ and had a ‘minimal on-screen’ presence.

The gaff is the latest to be made by a player in the world of Spanish cinema.

Last November critics called for the boycott of the Penelope Cruz film the Queen of Spain, after its director Fernando Trueba said he had ‘never felt Spanish, not even for five minutes.’

Chloe Glover (Reporter)

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  1. Gaztanaga doesn’t know what ‘redneck is. I suggest she come to the Trump’s Whitehouse and meet his cabinet, then go on to Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, etc. to meet his constituents.
    True, many Spanish people haven’t been exposed to world culture and international ideas, but generally speaking, they use a knife and fork, and have some concept of decency.
    Except, of course, the political class, which truly is backward.

  2. It is funny that an “actress” who expects that a good number of Spaniards go and watch “her” movie, insults them with the most racist and retrograde rant and then tries to apologize because of the possibility of boycott.

    It maybe true, many Spanish people haven’t been exposed to world culture and international ideas like the poster above says.
    But at least they dont kill opposite politicians or provoke massive riots or commit racist crimes, which are so common in Britain.

    Now THAT is lack of culture and decency and morals.

  3. And this coming from someone from Argentina! I’m so wryly amused by Pablo’s comment that I’m going to have to have a second cup of tea this morning in order to savour it!

  4. unfortunately the Spanish are very backward and biased in there brainwashed views…..you only have to read Pleblos backward rants to realize that….you do your nation proud Pleblo….keep up the good work making yourself look ridiculous….its easy for you…!!!!!

  5. Let me see Jack Dawdler…
    First I am not Spanish.
    As for your opinion about Spaniards / Spain, it seems that 1.3 MILLION of your countrymen living in Spain does not agree with you.
    Now, the british immigrants in Spain, France, Italy, etc are a heavy burden for the Sistema de Salud, the taxpayer, etc.

    But you have to understand them…
    Nobody in his / her right mind wants to live in a tiny little island like Britain, with no natural attractions, with the worst weather, worst food, worst healthcare system and crowded with hooligans and drunkards.

    I mean, you have to be a masochist or a halfwit or both to live there.
    You for example.

  6. It seems many britons, approx 1.6 MILLION of them who live in Spain, do not agree with Jack Dawdlers.
    They can be a bunch of drunkards and hooligans, but they are intelligent enough not to live in Britain.
    You know, you have to be a masochist or a dimwit or both to live there.
    Like our friend Jack Dawdlers

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