15 Mar, 2017 @ 16:26
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Opinion: What now for British citizens living in the EU?

IT’S not triggered yet, but Article 50 is hurtling towards us like a speeding train.

But in refusing to guarantee the existing rights of EU citizens in the UK, MPs missed a chance to secure diplomatic goodwill with their European counterparts.

Three million EU citizens in the UK remain in a state of limbo, possibly for another two years, with stories trickling out that many are not being treated as well as hoped.

This doesn’t bode well for British expats hoping for reciprocal rights in Spain.

This must now be a number-one priority. Mariano Rajoy indicated to May in February he was keen on a quick resolution of this key point.

Three million EU citizens in the UK, and every British citizen living in Spain, are now firmly together in the frontline trenches of this hugely divisive battle.

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  1. Mrs May is playing it the only way she can and tough as it may seem, the UK people living across the EU are now bargaining chips. If as some had wanted, she had given all EU people in the UK full rights and then the EU did not do the same she would have been called for a bad decision. I think she will agree the same rights as other countries are willing to give.

  2. Agree John. She had two options and the first one which meant laying your cards on the table early on would just have played into the hands of the bigger EU countries like France and Germany.
    Now she has kept quiet she can reveal her ideas to the individual countries one to one. Smaller and less “important” EU countries like Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland can be pressured into agreeing reciprocal movement and duty agreements as they are not in any position to disagree. They a) need the UK and b) need the EU money they receive/have been bailed out with.
    Spain will be told in no uncertain terms that she play ball with the expats in their country or else their citizens will be sent back (onto the dole) and tariffs on plane tickets to Spain will rise substantially.

  3. Can Spain really throw us out. We have been residents for 17 years. Our home is here. We cannot go back to the uk could not afford to anyway as many others here. We did not ask for this. We could not vote. This brexit will be a catastrophe a vote based on nothing but lies.

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