NORWAY has been named the happiest country in the world. 

The UN’s annual Happiness Report saw the Nordic country knock Denmark off the top spot to second place, followed by Iceland, Switzerland and Finland.

The UK came in at 19th while Spain lagged behind at 34th, but they improved by four positions and three positions respectively.

Countries in sub-Saharan Africa, along with Syria and Yemen, are the least happy of the 155 countries ranked.
“Happy countries are the ones that have a healthy balance of prosperity, as conventionally measured, and social capital, meaning a high degree of trust in a society, low inequality and confidence in government,” said Jeffrey Sachs, the director of the SDSN and a special advisor to the United Nations Secretary-General.

Happiness was measured using GDP per capita, life expectancy, social support (as measured by having someone to count on in times of trouble), trust (as measured by a perceived absence of corruption in government and business), perceived freedom to make life decisions, and generosity (as measured by recent donations).

The US dropped one place to 14th due to its rising inequality, distrust and corruption.

Sachs added that Trump’s policies will likely make things worse.

“They are all aimed at increasing inequality – tax cuts at the top, throwing people off the healthcare rolls, cutting Meals on Wheels in order to raise military spending.

“I think everything that has been proposed goes in the wrong direction,” he explained.


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