FIVE million EU and British citizens should have their rights ring fenced in the event of a Brexit ‘no-deal’, say campaigners.

Bremain in Spain chair Sue Wilson called for ‘assurances’ that current rights would be maintained even if Britain fails to strike an overall deal with the EU.

PROTECT US: Expats call for Westminster to preserve citizens' rights
PROTECT US: Expats call for Westminster to preserve citizens’ rights

It comes after the EU published its Brexit negotiating guidelines, which stated the rights of more than one million-EU based Brits and three million UK-based EU citizens should be protected.

But a Bremain in Spain spokesperson said people are ‘living in limbo…and being used as bargaining chips’ as there is no agreement to ‘ring fence’ citizens’ rights in the event of no final deal.

Wilson said: “We are greatly encouraged by the EU’s commitment to protect our rights for life.

“It seems clear that this is a red line for the EU and will provide much needed reassurance to millions of people who are worried about their futures.

“What would reassure us even more would be a similar commitment from the UK government.”

She added: “Furthermore, we need assurances that any deal agreed relating to citizens’ rights is guaranteed, regardless of other negotiations, and especially in the event of a ‘no deal’ scenario.”

Bremain in Spain is part of a coalition of expat groups called British in Europe.

Campaigners also called on UK political parties to include a pledge to maintain all rights of EU citizens currently living in the UK in their election manifestos.

Jeremy Morgan QC, a member of British in Europe, added: “We need all sides to agree to ring-fence that deal so that it will continue to stand even if there is no wider agreement covering all other matters, or if this is delayed.”


  1. I’m surprised at the tone of Sue Wilson’s comment. She tends to forget that T.May wished to discuss this matter months ago but was told by the EU that no discussion regarding this matter would be entered until A50 was implemented. Apparently the EU has produced 25 points regarding the tenure regarding the rights of all citizens involved and does Sue Wilson know what these points are. Apparently they cover more rights than the actual British Nationals that live in the UK. No doubt, some of those points will be thrown out.

  2. Impossible not to sympathise with the aims of Bremain in Spain, but it looks like a pipe-dream. The Brexiteers will see these moves as being the thin end of a wedge against their vision of Fortress Britain, one free and clear of all “damn foreigners” . Expats are the last consideration for these insular Nationalists. The only hope is the coming two years, which should show, perhaps in time, that it is crazy to continue down this road to disaster and for the whole stupidity to be abandoned.

  3. Carlos…Carlos…
    To discuss this matter, first you need a member state to leave the Union.
    So, OF COURSE no discussion would be entered until A50 was implemented.
    Now who wants to leave the Union? The UK.
    Who’s responsible for all this sh*te? Yes, you are right…the UK

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