2 May, 2017 @ 15:52
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Marihuana greenhouses set ablaze by Guardia Civil in Almeria


marihuanaPOLICE have raided two greenhouses and arrested two people in Almeria after discovering 494 marihuana plants.

The bust also culminated in the seizure of €6,000 in cash and growing equipment.

It was the latest incident in a province-wide crackdown which has seen thousands of plants seized.

The two dealers arrested have allegedly masterminded smuggling operations across the continent, and have been charged with funnelling electricity from other sources to power the greenhouses.




  1. I can’t see that angle myself chas, care to elaborate?

    It’s really quite simple, prohibition makes money.
    Once someone is arrested, the police get paid.
    When they enter the courts, the cps and courts get paid.
    When the go to probation, the probation get paid.
    When someone is forced into rehab for whatever reason, the rehab get paid.
    etc etc etc all the way through the ‘system’.
    Most of this paying out is done with tax payers money, costing the tax payer.
    When the tax through sales of cannabis products makes more money than the present system does then it will get legalized, which is exactly what we are seeing sweeping the USA at the minute.

  2. I said care to elaborate? Not repeat yourself, or rephrase your sentence……
    Have any proof of this claim….. Whatsoever? …..Doubtful
    Perhaps you shouldn’t spout off if you have no evidence to support yourself.

  3. Let’s get this straight…chas.
    Because you are somewhat of the lacking in the ability to explain yourself properly or more eloquently, over a statement that you have made, you want to insinuate that I am being rude….. ah…….ok……..then…..because I called you out.
    You are the one making claims about people without any supporting evidence… chas. Perhaps it is you who is perceived as the rude one.
    Get the picture..

  4. Fancy a quarter of humility with that half pound of arse that I just handed you chas…
    You show yourself up, with your bigoted, old fashioned, tea-pot spouting shite,
    as said before I only highlighted the fact! & it wasn’t difficult either, I might add…

    I see that Today they have Legalized Cannabis for medical use in Jersey. I wonder if there will be a ‘thin line’ there now between home users and criminality?
    Anything to say chas…. apart from calling me a troll?
    Not doing very well for yourself are you..

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