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The types of driving that can only be found in Marbella

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Marbella, Costa del Sol
Marbella, Costa del Sol

LIVING in Marbella, you get used to seeing some fairly, ahem, ‘interesting’ driving.


Especially during summer when the Madrilenos come down with their Mercs, Puerto Banus is full of playboys posing with their supercars and tourists getting confused in their rent-a-cars.


Then there’s the annual migration of Moroccans hurtling bleary eyed to catch the ferry at Algeciras.


And now we can add to the mix the havoc that a couple of coked up Brits caused when they obviously mistook a post Champagne Spray Party Sunday drive for an open casting call for the new Mad Max movie…


Parking is another minefield. Every long term Marbella resident has a horror story of

Scene after recent crash caused by drunk Brits

having their cars scratched, bumped and dented by drivers who simply fled the scene.


Or has watched an idiot park too close and repeatedly bang their door on your precious paintwork as they struggle to get out.


And then there are those who seem to think that the white line in a parking space has to go in the middle of your car in a Scalextric sort of way. And don’t get me started on the morons who park in disabled spaces ‘Just for five minutes’.


I would be all for drivers undergoing a refresher course in basic parking, until I saw this. It’s a Sunday lunchtime outside McDonalds so the car hasn’t been parked by a student….


Feel free to send your own observed outstanding parking fails to me. Who knows. We may have an award at the end of the summer…


While we are the subject of summer, let’s have a little recap of where we are.


So far we’ve had weapons being drawn at one beach club (after all what day at the beach is complete without  sunscreen, an airport novel and a 9mm automatic pistol?) a gang brawl followed by a hit and run outside another and a subsequent huge crash.


It made a 10 minute news item in the Spanish national news and had the UK Press up in arms about a possible terrorist attack.


Though what you call a ‘possible terrorist attack’ we call ‘late Sunday afternoon shenanigans’.


Meanwhile, social media seems to be updated daily with images of half naked drunken Brits staggering around Banus and general ‘something must be done’ posts.


And we are only in the first week of June.
It’s going to be a long summer…

Giles Brown

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