MANY a brave soul will be jumping over a fire to ward away evil spirits this weekend.

At midnight on Friday, as tradition dictates, you must also walk into the sea backwards, cleansing the soul and honouring St. John.

PARTY TIME: Mallorca prepares for Sant Joan

June 23 is possibly Mallorca’s favourite holiday for ancient-meets-modern late-night festivities.

Saturday is the feast day of John the Baptist, known locally as Sant Joan, and to celebrate the occasion everyone joins together in evening beach fires and midnight dips in the sea the night before.

A ban on burning fires on beaches is lifted and almost all coastal towns will have local celebrations, while many places have celebrations lasting a week, including fire runs, firework shows, parades and ceremonial fires.

At midnight have started to light floating lanterns into the night sky, but this should be checked locally as some areas have bans.

Large beaches such as Playa de Palma and Playa de Alcudia see plenty of festive life until the sun comes up.

Do’s and Don’ts of Sant Juan

DO bring bonfire materials and drinks to stay hydrated

DON’T bring tents or camping equipment, no sleeping allowed

DO partake in traditions and go at least ankle deep in the sea at midnight

DON’T take valuables, or leave things unattended

DO mind your neighbours as beaches get crowded

DON’T take up more space than needed

DO plan ahead, only take what you can bring back

DON’T leave plastic and rubbish behind. Bring rubbish bags

DO have fun, and enjoy the special festivities

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