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BREXODUS: Almost half of highly skilled EU workers could leave UK in next five years, new study finds

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ALMOST one half of highly skilled EU workers are considering leaving the UK, according to new research. 

A study into the effects of Brexit by Deloitte found 47% of highly skilled workers from the EU were considering leaving the UK in the next five years.

In a report released today, the financial consulting giant warns of serious implications for employers.

It says there will now be pressure on ministers to come up with sensible immigration plans and to find ways to improve the skills of UK workers while making better use of robots in the workplace.

In total, some 36% of non-British workers in the UK said they were thinking of leaving within the same period, representing 1.2m jobs out of 3.4 million migrant workers in the UK.

Some 26% said they were considering leaving within three years.

It comes after EU applications to be a nurse in the UK fell by 96% since the referendum last June.

The reasons for leaving the UK centre around the country’s uncertain economic outlook.

The fall in the pound – still down 13% against the euro compared with the day of the EU referendum  – means the money foreign workers send home is worth less.

Deloitte surveyed 2,242 EU and non-EU workers.

Half were living in the UK and half were living outside.

They assessed their views on what makes Britain attractive and how likely they would be to come or leave.

The survey, taken before the recent general election, found the UK was still an attractive place to work for foreign residents, but the referendum had shifted perceptions of the many already living there.

But 48% of workers already in Britain said they saw the country as being a little or significantly less attractive as a result of Brexit.

Only 21% of workers outside the UK shared that view.

“The UK’s cultural diversity, employment opportunities and quality of life are assets that continue to attract the world’s best and brightest people,” said David Sproul, chief executive of Deloitte north-west Europe.

“But overseas workers, especially those from the EU, tell us they are more likely to leave the UK than before. That points to a short- to medium-term skills deficit that can be met in part by upskilling our domestic workforce but which would also benefit from an immigration system that is attuned to the needs of the economy.”


Laurence Dollimore

Laurence has a BA and MA in International Relations and a Gold Standard diploma in Multi-Media journalism from News Associates in London. He has almost a decade of experience and previously worked as a senior reporter for the Mail Online in London.

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  1. So what? maybe the youth in Britain will stand more chance of getting a job! Im no brexiteer but for crying out loud i’m fed up of hearing about how Europeans will go back home…Let them go, at the end of the day there can’t have been great prospects where they came from or they wouldn’t have come here in the first place..One things for sure..the brexiteers wont be crying in their boots if they do go back so i wouldn’t expect any sympathy for businesses who employ huge numbers of Europeans..

  2. I must say I’ve been aggressively headhunted by companies in Berlin, Paris, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Munich and Amsterdam since Brexit. The packages being offered by equivalent companies are now more attractive in Europe and their EU economy has a much more stable and strong outlook than the UK’s at least for the next 3-5 years. Also in response to the lady above, in my company alone the best young talent have already been snaffled up by overseas companies. The youth won’t stick around in a sinking ship…

  3. Correct, and with Spain still with over 18% unemployment, up to 60% for youngsters in some areas, they won´t be heading for France. Give us a clue where all these jobs are suddenly going to appear from, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Greece, France? there are nearly a million French, Spanish and Germans alone in UK, they’re not there for the weather.

  4. It is more than clear that the UK does not want EU citizens in their country.
    Theresa May only offered a vague document
    Now she sets out policy paper that says 3m EU citizens resident in Britain must reapply for ‘settled status’ under new regime.
    Of course all of this will be reciprocal.
    Lets hope that most of the 1.2 million britons living in Spain, who are a burden for the taxpayer and the sistema de salud, have to return to the UK

  5. See ol’ Blue-eyes is still at it. Prey tell me, what part of the offer by T.May is vague. What I do find greatly vague is a paper from the EU stating the position of expats after Brexit. As for citizens residents in the UK I think you will find, that’s if your Spanish, expats in Spain require the green sheet to confirm that they are resident in Spain, not so in the UK so far, zippo. Did you also know that expat pensioners in Spain have to contribute 10% towards any medicines received at the chemist. In the UK, again zippo. Do me a favour Blue-eyes and go back to sleep, for good I hope.

    • Carlos, you are not very bright I see.
      Then let me explain you a thing or two…
      Most of the britons living in Spain are NO REGISTRADOS.
      They DO NOT contribute in any way and they are a burden in every single aspect.
      More or less like the British retirees.
      Thanks to Brexit they have to return to little britain.
      Hai capito adesso?

      • Blue-eyes, you never answer questions put to you such as “what part of T.May’s offer is vague”, and other points I made but come back with ludicrous statements without giving a thought in what you are saying.
        At present, British citizens can use Spanish health services on the same basis as Spaniards. Britons working in Spain and paying into the social insurance system have the cost covered by Spain, but many others such as pensioners have the costs reimbursed by Britain under EU agreements. The cost of this to Britain was £223 million in 2014-15. Blue-eyes can you therefore tell me how much Spain pays towards NH care for Spaniards in the UK. Zippo. As for your statement “Most of the britons living in Spain are NO REGISTRADOS”. Blue-eyes, no different than the Spaniards living in the UK.
        As for, “Thanks to Brexit they have to return to little britain”. One could also say that, thanks to Brexit 3.5 million EU citizens will have to return to the EU. Worst still for the Spaniards, no work.
        Keep em’ coming Blue-eyes, love tearing you to pieces.

  6. Where are all these highly skilled EU citizens going to be heading for?
    Living standards and Wages are terrible in most of the EU, From Eastern Europe
    to France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, young people dream of moving somewhere
    that offers a better life and Britain has offered that to skilled and millions of non skilled EU citizens.
    It is ironic in Britain that British working class people have seen their standard of living sink to poverty levels in the last ten years and given the chance most young Brits would emigrate to Australia,Canada
    or New Zealand.

  7. The problem with the NHS, for example, is that most of its doctors and nurses are EU citizens.
    British doctors and nurses are scarce and, no doubts, the worst in the Europe.
    The Stafford Hospital scandal is a good example of a hospital managed and operated by british personnel.

  8. Actually George I didn’t post that last comment unless someone is using the same name. Nevertheless there is bound to be a strain on the NHS due to an extra intake of 3.5 million EU citizens plus approx 1 million illegal immigrants. As for the comment which I did not make regarding Stafford Hospital and not knowing the causes of the problems that the hospital is suffering, could one of the problems also be that foreign doctors and nurses not proficient in the English language as it appears that all new arrivals of Doctors and nurses need to pass a test.

  9. The next refugee crisis will be when the British will be fleeing Britain
    Where will they go to; Europe of course!!!


    I think the british are waking up to a nightmare and realising that being part of EU is not so bad, has more positive than negatives, but its too late due to stobbern politicians and other ignorant people seeking for their own interest up on the back and cost of the great public!

    To the British I say this;

  10. ZAK, well said, these idiots were sold a dream but they bought a nightmare – they were well and truly kippered by the Daily Mail and the Daily Express. Now the tide is turning and the economies of the EU27 are greatly improving meaning more job opportunities for all the skilled workers leaving the UK. The business relocations from the UK to the EU27 will also generate more employment opportunities so things are looking good.

    I hope Brexit crashes and burns or we at least end up with a Norway type deal. If hard Brexit does go ahead, I would like to see a definite parting of the ways and would hope that the ‘associate EU citizenship’ scheme is available for the 48% who voted to Remain in the EU. Once the citizens part of the negotiations are agreed, people can get their ducks in a row and make their escape plans.

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