WHILE you can expect to see more police on the roads and at checkpoints in a bid to curb drink driving this summer, it’s not the only offence you could be punished for.

Driving in flip flops or letting the front seat passenger have their feet on the dashboard are among the no-nos that could see you fined anything from €80 to €3,000.

Here is a list of punishable offences, according to Proteo Energia:

Driving barefoot or shirtless – €80

Eating ice cream while driving – €100

Throw a cigarette out the window -€200

Take more than five people in a five-seater car – €80

Driving without a license on you – €10

Wash your car on a public road – €3,000

Drive in flip flops – €80

Stick your arm out the window – €80

Wearing a hat that covers your ears – €80



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  1. What about parking on a pedestrian crossing or roundabout. Or driving the wrong way up a one way street. Using a mobile phone whilst driving. Stopping in the middle of the road to have a conversation with a friend……..I could go on!

  2. I believe we are all at risk for throwing a cigarette out of the car window. This time of year in particular it should be at least 1000E fine. This how majority of fires start along the roads with close vegetation such as Benahavis pueblo.

  3. I (American) was fined for riding as a passenger in a car, having my 6 kg. Shih Tzu not belted in in a doggy seat in the back seat. Crazy…not as if she were driving! And this from a culture that stabs bulls with swords and calls it great sport.

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