THIS is the shocking moment a worker at a Spanish Airport hurled holidaymakers’ suitcases across the ground before driving off with one stuck under the wheels of his truck.


Spaniards shouted at the worker at Ibiza aiport while they filmed his blasé attitude as he launched the cases several feet into the air towards the truck they had fallen from.


Several holidaymakers filmed the event and posted it on social media to shame the worker after he threw a baby’s pushchair too.

Several Spaniards jeered him as he picked up a pink suitcase and hurled it in the air before giving it a kick, many shouting ‘Hijo de puta!’.


When the worker drove off, he dragged a smaller case that had become trapped under his vehicle, while leaving others laying on the tarmac as there was no more space on his truck.


It is not known if his employers have been made aware of the footage.


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