SALVADOR Dali’s body has been exhumed for DNA tests in a paternity case.

The surrealist Spanish artist had his remains disinterred during a four-hour operation in Figueres in Catalunya.

EXHUMED: Dali’s remains to be DNA tested

It follows a claim by a woman born in 1956,María Pilar Abel Martínez, who claims her mother gave birth to her after having an affair with Dali.

If true, the woman could claim part of Dali’s estate, which is currently owned by the Spanish state.

It is thought tests on Dali’s remains could take weeks to clear up whether the artist is Martínez’s father.

Martinez, a tarot card reader, brought her case against the Spanish state after claiming her mother, who worked as a cleaner in nearby Cadaques, had an affair with Dali the year before she was born.

She claims both her mother and her grandfather told her Dali was her father.

Last month, a Madrid judge ordered the painter’s body should be exhumed for testing.

Historian Ian Gibson believes it is ‘absolutely impossible’ that Dali could have fathered a child as he had claimed to be impotent.

Dali died in 1989 in Figueres and was buried in a tomb in the museum dedicated to his work.


  1. If one reads Dali’s Biography, it is clear the man was not really inclined to have “normal” sexual relations. He was more of a “watcher” of others, notably his wife Gala, whilst pleasuring himself.
    He was known to have a fear of female genitalia and is unlikely to have fathered any children at all.
    However, good luck to Maria Martinez, hope her DNA matches. Why should the Spanish State scoop up all the millions from Dali’s estate? They will only share it out amongst each other.

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