Muñoz and Bernal

SOURCES close to Angeles Muñoz have told the Olive Press she has returned to her position as mayor of Marbella. 

It comes after the Partido Popular and the independent Opposition Sampedreña (OSP) registered a motion of no confidence against socialist mayor Jose Bernal at Marbella town hall.

A vote is believed to have taken place at the town hall this morning, placing Muñoz back into the mayoral role.

OSP President Manuel Osorio announced last Friday at a press conference that his party would sign a motion of no confidence with the PP, the main opposition party in Marbella, so that they could govern the municipality until the end of 2019.

Bernal said on Saturday that he saw ‘no motives’ to file the motion, saying it was just an ‘excuse’ to give power back to the PP.

PSOE leaders previously said Muñoz and the PP back in control of Marbella could ‘set the town back’ and ‘see it return to a dark era of hidden interests.’

In 2015, PSOE, Izquierda Unida, and OSP banded together in a four-party pact to place Jose Bernal as the leader.

It was the first time the PSOE came to power in 26 years.

But now OSP want to align with PP, believing them to be more aligned with their interests.

The PSOE accuses OSP of handing Marbella over to a ‘corrupt’ party and Izquierda Unida says it has become ‘the mafia’.

The PP responded by reminding the PSOE that its own councilors in prison for the Malaya case were ‘part of the cause of the dissolution of the City in 2006’.

It added that in Casares, the IU has a mayor sentenced to eight and a half years for his dealings with the Russian mafia.


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