A BRITISH expat accused of murdering his wife in Mallorca faces 20 years in prison when he goes on trial.

KILLED: Mum-of-one Lisa Jane

Warren Lyttle, 52, claims mum-of-one Lisa Jane, 49, choked to death after the couple’s sex game went wrong in his apartment near Magaluf.

Lyttle, a car salesman, phoned police and emergency services following the incident, but they were unable to arrive in time to save Jane.

He confessed that he had killed her wife, claiming it was in a sado-masochistic sex game gone wrong, and has been behind bars since January 2016.

Prosecutors are treating her death as murder and, as well as a 20-year prison sentence, will recommend Lyttle pays Jane’s daughter €180,000.

They believe Lyttle used a telephone cord to strangle Jane, who had travelled from London to visit her husband.

Mr Lyttle’s mum Joan said: “We don’t know how this could have possibly happened.

‘It has left us in total shock.

“We’re still waiting to talk to Warren to find out what went on.”


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