SERIOUS crime dropped 22% in Calvia over the 2017 tourist season, new police figures show.

A police crackdown saw twice the number of arrests over the summer months compared to 2016.

CLAMPDOWN: Calvia cops arrest twice as many over 2017 summer PHOTO GRAHAM WILDING

It comes after Calvia authorities issued strict guidelines regulating drunken behaviour this summer.

“The local police and Guardia Civil have shown their willingness to tackle the problems on Punta Ballena during the busiest tourist months through increased collaboration,” a spokesperson said

In a meeting on Wednesday with Town Hall officials, concerns were also raised over the growing number of youngsters from Palma visiting Magaluf to drink cheaply.

New moves to fight criminal gangs exploiting women and forcing them into prostitution were also discussed.

Regular meetings are now planned ‘to deal with these situations’, a police spokesperson added.

In August, six establishments suspected of being used as brothels were shut down by Calvia Town Hall.

There were also calls for the government to ban alcohol from all-inclusive resorts and ‘happy hour’ drink offers in problem areas.

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