A BRITISH holidaymaker has urged tourists to be on guard after having hundreds of euros stolen by a Mallorca flower seller.

FLOWER POWER: Street hawker robs Brit tourist Brian

Brian Sheen-Heggie from Batley was on holiday in Sa Coma when a woman selling bouquets approached him and a friend.

After politely declining the vendor’s offer, Brian, 22, says the woman insisted as they were only 1c and were for a local feria.

But when he opened his wallet to get some change the woman snatched his entire holiday cash.

”She stuck her fingers in my wallet,” Brian told the Olive Press. “I then proceeded to walk away and push her away from me.

”She then shot off in a blue Citroen Picasso car. “As you can imagine I am absolutely devastated.”

A getaway driver then sped the pair off to safety with the distraught tourist’s cash.

”Had I not been going home today or staying all-inclusive at our hotel, I’m not sure what I would have done,” Brian added.

Brian reported the incident to his hotel, who weren’t aware of the brazen scam, and then filed a police report.

“I wouldn’t want this to happen to anyone else,” Brian said, before urging as many people as possible.

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