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REVEALED: How much Spanish migrants contribute to UK economy, and it’s a LOT more than they claim in benefits


NEW figures released by the the UK’s HMRC have revealed how much EU migrants contribute to the British economy.

The latest statistics, from 2013/14 give a breakdown of the contributions of each nationality, paired with how much they receive in benefits.

Spain is the sixth largest taxpaying nation in Britain, paying around £802 million in income tax and national insurance each year.

It’s more than ten times what they take out in benefits, just £62 million.

After France, the second-biggest taxpaying nation is Poland – whose 790,000 migrants handed over nearly £2.2bn to the UK economy.

Greece had the biggest gulf between what’s paid in tax and claimed back from HM Revenue and Customs.

Greek people in Britain pay 31 times more in tax (£439m) then they claim in HMRC benefits (£14m).

The figures do not include Department for Work and Pensions benefits, like jobseeker’s allowance or disability payments.

But they also do not include the wide range of ‘indirect taxes’ migrants pay, from VAT to duty on petrol, beer or cigarettes, or corporation tax or business rates.
See the figures in full below…

How much tax gets paid by people from each country?

KEY: Country, income tax and National Insurance paid to UK by EEA migrants (ratio of taxes paid in to HMRC benefits paid out). 2013/14

1. France £2.3bn (25.6)

2. Poland £2.2bn (2.4)

3. Ireland £1.9bn (19.4)

4. Italy £1.3bn (17.2)

5. Germany £1.2bn (14.9)

6. Spain £802m (12.9)

7. Netherlands £627m (4.9)

8. Portugal £473m (2.3)

9. Greece £439m (31.4)

10. Lithuania £436m (2.1)

11. Sweden £394m (10.9)

12. Romania £368m (2.9)

13. Hungary £288m (4.8)

14. Belgium £264m (12)

15. Denmark £213m (8.9)

16. Latvia £210m (1.7)

17. Slovak Rep £208m (1.7)

18. Bulgaria £177m (3.1)

19. Czech Rep £156m (2.5)

20. Switzerland £144m (20.6)

Other countries £595m (8.8)

TOTAL £14.7bn

How much do they claim in HMRC benefits?

KEY: Country, total UK child benefit and tax credits claimed by EEA migrants, 2013/14

1. Poland £911m

2. Lithuania £207m

3. Portugal £203m

4. Romania £129m

5. Netherlands £128m

6. Latvia £122m

7. Slovak Rep £122m

8. Ireland £97m

9. France £90m

10. Germany £81m

11. Italy £78m

12. Czech Rep £63m

13. Spain £62m

14. Hungary £60m

15. Bulgaria £58m

16. Sweden £36m

17. Denmark £24m

18. Belgium £22m

19. Greece £14m

20. Switzerland £7m

Other countries £68m

TOTAL £2.6bn

Laurence Dollimore

Laurence has a BA and MA in International Relations and a Gold Standard diploma in Multi-Media journalism from News Associates in London. He has almost a decade of experience and previously worked as a senior reporter for the Mail Online in London.

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  1. Anyone have any idea why Britain is going to throw this massive profit down the drain?
    As the anti-brexit, protest marching chant in Manchester said: B*****ks To Brexit!
    Remember, Sue Wilson and the Bremain gang?

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